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Outreach Vision Statement

The people of St. Anthony parish share in Jesus’ ministry to the marginalized and outcast. Specifically we reach out in love and relationship to members of our parish and our neighborhood, including:

  • Those who suffer from any kind of illness — physical, mental, emotional
  • The dying and the bereaved
  • Those who need food, drink, clothing or shelter
  • Members of other churches, Catholic or other denominations
  • Those who feel alienated from the Church or are not actively engaged with their faith

…Jesus tells us that the path to encountering Him is to find His wounds.
We find Jesus’ wounds in carrying out works of mercy,
giving to our body – the body – the soul too, but – I stress – the body of your wounded brother,
because he is hungry, because he is thirsty, because he is naked,
because it is humiliated, because he is a slave, because he’s in jail, because he is in the hospital.
Those are the wounds of Jesus today.

(Pope Francis)

Ongoing Opportunities

Bereavement/Network of Care

All of us experience the anguish of losing a loved one. The process of planning the funeral service can be a step in grieving and healing for the bereaved. The Bereavement Team at St. Anthony is here to assist in planning funeral services. Members of the team are present for the service and to offer support after.


In times of illness and infirmity, we need care not just for our physical needs but also for the spiritual. Through the Network of Care, the parish offers Communion to those unable to attend Mass. We visit shut-ins and the sick, arranging for the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick as needed. Transportation to doctor and hospital appointments can be arranged. The team can also offer resources for those in need of outreach or other services.


Network of Care

St. Anthony Parish provides a Caring Community for sick and shut-ins.
  • Each minister has designated parishioners to contact regularly.
  • Home Visits
  • Hospital Visits
  • Escort people to doctor and hospital appointments.
  • Provide resource of Agencies and Outreach Services.

The Network of Care also includes the Bereavement Team


Bread Fund

The Bread Fund is an account maintained to assist people with special needs beyond the resources of Madisonville Education and Assistance Center (MEAC), such as utilities, rent or house payment, food certificates and often the filing fee for court costs in a custody case


Ecumenical, Interfaith and Regional Effort

St. Anthony Parish builds relationships with people of faith in as many ways as we can. We participate in activities with other Christian churches in Madisonville through the Madisonville Education and Assistance Center (MEAC), ecumenical concerts and more. We co-hosted a Muslim-Christian dialogue with the Cincinnati Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Center for Spiritual Living. Together with the parishes in our region (St. Cecilia and St. Margaret-St. John), we have cooperated on programs and are in the process of developing a plan for the day when all three parishes will share a pastor.


Health Ministry Committee

Spiritual, emotional and physical health are important, and so the Health Ministry Committee provides information to help us stay in good shape. In addition to blurbs in the bulletin, the committee has occasional informational sessions and provides opportunities for free blood pressure screening. Mental Health Resources Durable Medical Equipment Info


Madison Villa

In the late 1960's four church congregations in Madisonville saw a need for housing for low-income elderly and low-income people with disabilities. Thus in 1971 the first housing complex in the Madisonville area specifically for these individuals was constructed. The four churches remain active in the Madison Villa operation and mission, collectively contributing 12 board members to the 16-member board. Each of the pastors also serves on the board.



Madisonville Education and Assistance Center (MEAC) was created to provide vital assistance mainly in the Madisonville area (zip code 45227) so that the residents in need become self-sufficient – one household at a time. MEAC is located in Eastminster Presbyterian Church at the corner of Roe and Erie Streets, in the Church's lower area. For more information, call (513) 271-5501 or visit the MEAC website.



Saints' Café

The Gospels are full of stories about Jesus and food — from the meal with Zaccheus to feeding the 5000. Clearly he thought there was something holy about sitting at the table with food and talking to people. St. Anthony shares in that tradition of food and fellowship every Sunday between our liturgies with Saints' Café. Some lively conversations take place around the rectory table between bites!

Annual Events

Sweet, Sweet Spirit

St. Anthony is a singing parish at all times, but never more lively than at our annual Sweet Sweet Spirit concert in February. To celebrate Black History month, choirs from the area join our own choir to lift our voices in praise. Poets, storytellers and dancers are often included. The parish Multi-Cultural Committee designates an organization to receive the proceeds of the collection — sharing our bounty with those in needs, such as the MLK Coalition, City Gospel Mission or the Madisonville Education and Assistance Center.

Pool Party

The parish picnic is a time-honored tradition for many parishes, a time for parishioners to gather in the hot summer months for an afternoon of recreation. With the Madisonville Recreation Center nearby, we have the added pleasure of a pool to take a dip in on a hot afternoon. The pool party is a joint effort with St. Margaret-St. John parish and includes a cornhole tournament organized by the parish youth. Gift certificates to local restaurants are offered as door prizes.


For more information or to get involved, contact the office at (513) 271-0920, ext 101 or

St. Anthony Parish, Madisonville
6104 Desmond Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Parish Center/Office: (513) 271-0920
Fax: (513) 271-6630

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