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Justice Vision Statement

The people of a just parish appreciate and reflect the diversity of our society as part of their vision, and live inclusively as an expression of their mission. They recognize and accept their responsibility to work toward the equality of all people, carrying the Gospel beyond Sunday worship into every aspect of life. In multiple ways, parishioners are invited to break down barriers through conversation and actions that are specific, regular and immediate. In the dynamic of serving others, parishioners are receptive to the mutuality of being served and of learning.




Island of Dominica

We are members of a universal Church that transcends
national boundaries and calls us to live in solidarity
and justice with the peoples of the world.
We are also citizens of a powerful democracy
with enormous influence beyond our borders.
As Catholics and Americans we are uniquely
called to global solidarity.

Statement of U.S. Bishops 1997


What is a Twinning Relationship?

Twinning means a coming together of a parish in the United States with a parish in another area of the world in an active, mutual and on-going faith commitment. The hope is that people bind together spiritually, culturally and in a mutual sharing of resources. Inherent in the development of a twinning relationship is a strong faith in the concept of the Universal Church, which recognizes all persons as brothers and sisters.

  • Spiritual and relationship building are of primary importance
  • Social and economic projects are secondary to the relationship


Why Twinning at St. Anthony?

Twinning at St Anthony’s is in response to the call to global solidarity issued by the U.S. bishops in 1997. Integrating global concerns into our parish life helps us realize that we are all one human family. Our moral challenge includes not only a commitment to others in our local community to whom we reach out in many ways, but also to those beyond our national boundaries.


Our Twinning Covenant

The parishes of Our Lady of Health, Castle Bruce, Commonwealth of Dominica and St. Anthony, Madisonville, Ohio, USA, hereby enter into a covenant. Our shared goal is to grow in faith together in Jesus Christ. For the mutual benefit and support of both parish communities, we desire to learn from each other and share both cultures and resources


For more information or to get involved, contact the office at 513/271-0920, ext 10 or

St. Anthony Parish, Madisonville
6104 Desmond Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Parish Center/Office: (513) 271-0920
Fax: (513) 271-6630

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