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Mission Statement

"Growing people closer to God through the work of the Holy Spirit."

Our Communications



Weekly Bulletin

"Please read the bulletin!" Some variation of this plea is probably made at every Catholic church. The bulletin gives detailed information on what is going on in the parish--from calendars to council minutes, plus information about events in the archdiocese.

9/6/2020  +  9/13/2020  +  9/20/2020 

8/2/2020  +  8/9/2020  +  8/16/2020  +  8/23/2020  +  8/30/2020  

7/5/2020  +  7/12/2020  + 7/19/2020  +  7/26/2020 

6/7/2020  +  6/14/2020  + 6/21/2020 (not avail.) + 6/28/2020

5/3/2020  +  5/10/2020  +  5/17/2020  +  5/24/2020  +  5/31/2020


San Antonian Newsletter

The San Antonian provides parishioners an opportunity to read more reflective pieces, written by parishioners and staff, about themes important to our community. 

Winter 2020     Summer 2020  

Fall 2019   Spring 2019

Fall 2018   Summer 2018    Spring 2018    

Winter 2017     Summer 2017



Our parish prayer line allows our voices to lift in a mighty chorus, storming heaven with prayers for those in need. You may submit a request for prayer or volunteer to receive intentions and join your prayers with others.

Request a Prayer 

Request to Join the Prayer Chain 


Periodic Email Blasts

Email blasts are sent to remind the parish of noteworthy events and to impart important and time-sensitive news that can't wait for the Sunday bulletin. These emails are sent only to parishioners. Please use the link to contact the Office to be added to the list if you do not currently receive blasts.

Email Blasts 





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