Our worship is a sign of our faith as a community.  We strive to involve our entire Parish in preparing for and participating in the Liturgy and in using our gifts as individuals and as community. All are welcome to worship.
Each member of the Assembly is a minister at the Liturgy. Specific ministers are also needed at every Liturgy. Some training is required for these ministries. A usual commitment is one Sunday a month at the Mass you normally attend. You are encouraged to make an effort to participate in formation and prayer events offered for your ministry, especially our annual Assembly Day in November.  Extra ministers are needed during Holy Week, Christmas and other special events. The commitment is for one Liturgical year from the 1st Sunday of Advent through the Feast of Christ the King. Refer additional questions and inquiries to the Coordinator of the ministry in which you are interested. 
If you are interested in being more involved with worship at St. Anthony, please consider these ministries:
Adult Music Ministry
The choir at St Anthony is at the very heart of worship on Sundays. We are a dynamic group with an innate love of and dedication to the music used for worship at liturgies throughout the year. The choir sings a wide variety of music from the traditional to the contemporary in a number of languages and styles.
Contact: Michelle Markert (513) 271-0920 ext. 14 or MichelleMarkert@stanthonychurch.net
                     Music Selection          Rehearsal Schedule
African Drumming
At St. Anthony's we are blessed with the addition of West African drumming during special times of the year when we celebrate those within our community with African heritage, including liturgies during Black Catholic Month (NOvember) and Black History month (February). In the African tradition, we use drumming first and foremost at St. Anthony as a "call to worship".
Contact: Michelle Markert (513) 271-0920 ext. 14 or MichelleMarkert@stanthonychurch.net  
The cantors serve a very unique and important role at St Anthony‚Äôs.  They are not vocal soloists but rather musical leaders who must guide the congregation in song. All choir members are encouraged to cantor at our church as God calls each of them to use their unique vocal gifts to serve the community.
Contact: Michelle Markert (513) 271-0920 ext. 14 or MichelleMarkert@stanthonychurch.net 
Children's Choir
Together with the adult choir, the youth at St. Anthony take part in the music ministry for special Masses.  Our youth choir is small but growing and we are blessed with several young people that play musical instruments.
Contact: Michelle Markert (513) 271-0920 ext. 14 or MichelleMarkert@stanthonychurch.net
Environmental Design of Worship Space
This ministry is responsible for helping us to worship by creating a meaningful environment in our sanctuary.
Contact: Kathy Cox (513) 631-7752
Eucharistic Ministers
The role of Eucharistic Minister is to assist the presider in distributing the Body of Christ to the community that gathers. Following Mass, the assigned Eucharistic Ministers assist with cleansing and putting away the communion vessels. Several ministers are needed for each liturgy.
Contact: Becky Blanton, Eucharistic Minister Coordinator (513) 271-0920, ext. 10 or office@stanthonychurch.               Schedule 
Funeral Planning
Members of the Bereavement Team are available to assist a family in planning the funeral service when there has been a death in the family. Click here for the page with Bereavement Team.
Contact: Joy Middleton in the Parish Center (513) 271-0920 ext. 16 or JoyMiddleton@StAnthonyChurch.net
This ministry is responsible for helping us to worship by proclaiming the Word in the Scripture readings.
Contact: Jeanette Tepe at jeanettetepe@yahoo.com                                          Schedule  
Liturgical Coordinators
This ministry is responsible for the successful flow of the Sunday liturgies, including the coordination of the various ministers and the preparation of the worship space for liturgy.
Contact: Mia Bressler a MiaBressler@stanthonychurch.net                                 Schedule
Liturgical Movement
Our prayer is sometimes expressed through Liturgical movement, and it has become an important part of our worship. It can be as simple as a procession or as structured as a choreographed piece requiring weeks of practice.
Contact: Amy Garcia at garciaexports@fuse.net
Sacristans/Church Cleaners
A group of parishioners clean the church on a regular basis. This is not a big job but an important one. We are always begging for new help or even occasional assistance.
Contact: Jane Connolly at (513) 351-7582                                        Schedule

Servers are an integral part of Liturgy at St. Anthony. They assist the presider in tasks such as setting the altar and holding the book. Those interested in serving should be fourth grade or older. After a training session, severs are put on a rotational schedule for either the
8:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. Liturgy.

This ministry is responsible for helping us to worship by greeting and seating the congregation, assisting with any special needs and extending St. Anthony's welcoming spirit to visitors at Liturgy.
Contact: Dave Schwanemann at dschwanemann@cinci.rr.com                           Schedule 



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