Worship Vision Statement

St. Anthony’s vision for worship is the coming together of a diverse, welcoming congregation in a worship experience with meaningful proclamation of the Word, challenging homilies and music that unites and inspires. This experience will transform us weekly as we consciously carry this sense of community and passion for justice throughout the week.

"The Eucharist, although it is the fullness of sacramental life, is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak."

(“The Joy of the Gospel,” Pope Francis)

Our Ministries

Adult Music Ministry

The St. Anthony choir is at the very heart of our Sunday worship. We are a dynamic group of diverse people and musical backgrounds who love singing together and are dedicated to using our gifts to enrich St. Anthony’s liturgies. We are proud of the great tradition of choral and congregational singing that exists here and are committed to its continued growth.


African Drumming

At St. Anthony’s we are blessed with the addition of West African drumming, celebrating those in our community of African heritage, and connecting us with worshipers around the world. This gift is highlighted during Black Catholic Month (November) and Black History Month (February). In addition to drumming at appropriate moments in our liturgies, it often occurs as a “call to worship,” according to African custom.


Art & Environment

Our worship space is simple and light-filled, focusing attention on the action of the liturgy. The environment is enhanced for special seasons, feasts and other occasions (such as Black Catholic Family Month in November).



St. Anthony’s cantors serve an important role in St. Anthony’s worship. They animate and augment the song of the assembly – the primary music ministers at worship. Our cantors attend two training sessions a year focused on liturgical understanding and vocal technique. While some are also accomplished soloists, they are all aware of their very special role in the service of the liturgy.


Eucharistic Ministers

“The Body of Christ.” “The Blood of Christ.” With these simple words, Eucharistic Ministers share in the deepest sense of Communion – uniting the members of the community by sharing in the presence of Jesus in the consecrated bread and wine and in us as we share this holy meal. 


Funeral Planning

There are moments when we are privileged to share occasions of deep emotion and grace, and assisting the bereaved in planning a funeral liturgy is one of the most powerful of these times. Members of the Bereavement Team walk with the grieving through the sorrow of loss into the peace that we reach through the funeral liturgy. Members of the Bereavement Team are available to assist a family in planning the funeral service when there has been a death in the family.



Lectors volunteer for the honor of proclaiming the Word of God at Sunday Eucharist and other liturgies. They bring the Word alive as we, like the early followers, hear the Word from human voices.


Liturgical Coordinators

People who have not served in liturgical ministry might not realize how many little details need to be attended to. The liturgical coordinator is the person who helps to make sure the liturgy flows smoothly by checking in the lay ministers, preparing the bread and wine, finding gift bearers, and overall preventing any mishaps during Mass. They make the life of the presider and pastoral associate much easier! 




Liturgical Movement

At certain times of year, our prayer is expressed through not just spoken or sung words but through movement. The power of the music is intensified through expressive movement.


Sacristan/Church Cleaners

Every detail of our worship is important, and the efforts of our church cleaners are one of the unseen but important ministries in our parish. They maintain the beauty of our worship space by keeping it spic and span.



Serving at Mass is a ministry open to nearly all ages. Anyone fourth grade through retirement age is welcome to assist the presider after a brief training session.   



The old stereotype of ushers who stand in the back of church chatting does not apply at St. Anthony! Our ushers stand ready to greet parishioners, welcome newcomers, and assist with the needs of our worshipers. If you have a question, they will answer it. If you have a special need, they will attend to it.


Worship Commission

Our Worship Commission takes primary responsibility for the worship life of the parish. Through the various liturgical ministries, we strive to provide quality services that nurture the joyful worship, hospitality, diversity, justice and faith that we value to enable our parishioners to “grow closer to God through the work of the Spirit.” 


For more information or to get involved, contact the office at (513) 271-0920, ext 101 or office@stanthonychurch.net

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