Facilities Care

This group is responsible for the regular and long-term maintenance of the buildings that are under the care of the Parish. Tasks of this committee include gardening and lawn maintenance, analysis of the electrical and HVAC needs, and other physical needs of the buildings as they occur.

Contact: Larry Suer at (513) 731-0769 or lsuer@fuse.net.

Click here for information on the sale of the school building.



Finances are required to maintain the spiritual and physical needs of the Parish. This committee evaluates the income, expenses and investments of the Parish for the purpose of maintaining a financially viable Parish.

Contact: Tom Moehringer at (513) 351-2771 or tommymoe@zoomtown.com.

Click here for the current Financial report.



Our weekly collections average $5,000, and we periodically receive special gifts. We are in the process of accepting pledges towards our 2011-12 budget. Click here to complete and return a Pledge Form. This is critical to our financial planning and budgeting.

Please keep in mind that many of our households contribute electornically, and this simple free method of giving is available to everyone.

Prayerfully consider what contributions you can make to the Parish in the 2011-12 fiscal year to support the Parish: prayer, ministry, and finance.

Contact: Click here to print out a Stewardship Pledge Form to affirm your commitment to the ministry of St. Anthony Parish! You can make your donations electronically through Pledge Connect:

Blue Button.


Volunteer Development

St. Anthony Parish is currently working to increase awareness of the importance of gifts in service to the community and to develop strategies for identifying and calling forth gifts of service, as well as providing formation and ongoing support of leaders and ministry teams.

Contact: Mary Anne "Mia" Bressler in the Parish Center (513) 271-0920, ext. 13 or MiaBressler@StAnthonyChurch.net.



We at St. Anthony value good communication and work to keep people informed of parish happenings through:

 * Weekly bulletin and inserts

 * Quarterly San Antonian newletter

 * Parish-wide mailings such as schedules for Advent and Lent

 * Electronic mailings with announcements for committees, ministers and other parish groups as needed

 * Parish Prayerline

 * Materials made available in back of church

Contact: Mary Anne "Mia" Bressler in the Parish Center (513) 271-0920 ext. 13 or MiaBressler@StAnthonyChurch.net.


St. Anthony Parish, Madisonville
6104 Desmond Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Parish Center/Office: (513) 271-0920
Fax: (513) 271-6630

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