St. Anthony Church

Parish Center/Office Phone:  (513) 271-0920

6104 Desmond Avenue

Parish Center/Office Fax:  (513) 271-6630

Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

 Rectory:  (513) 271-1587

We are an inclusive Catholic Church where all are welcome. (See item # 2 in the list of promises from our Parish leadership within our Partnership Covenant.) We are 450 households from more than 48 Zip codes in Greater Cincinnati.

We are a diverse Parish in race, ethnicity, income and household type.


We are an intentional Parish serving Madisonville and beyond, committed to making a difference wherever we live. 


Our Parish mission is to “grow people closer to God through the work of the Spirit.”


Parish History

St. Anthony Parish concludes their 150th Anniversary Celebration with an on-line book. Click for more info.


Where we are

St. Anthony is situated within a residential neighborhood at 6104 Desmond Street: two blocks north of Madison Road, two blocks east of Kenwood and two blocks west of Whetsel. There is parking on both sides of the street and a parking lot behind our church at the corner of Chandler and Chapman Streets.


Handicapped Accessibility
Wheelchair Accessibility: St. Anthony Church building has a ramp for the physically challenged however the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible.  The Parish Center does not have a ramp; bathrooms are not on the main floor. The Lighthouse School building where large group activities are held has an elevator and handicap accessible bathrooms on the ground floor.

Child Care

Child care relies on screened and trained volunteers. Please confirm availability through the Parish Office.


Join the Parish

If you would like to join our parish, you can print the Registration Form and drop it to the Parish office or in the Sunday collection basket.


Regional Parishes: St. Anthony, St. Cecilia, St. Margaret/St. John

Mass schedules and Map to Regional Parishes


St. Anthony Parish, Madisonville
6104 Desmond Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Parish Center/Office: (513) 271-0920
Fax: (513) 271-6630

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